Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrating 3 years of NO CANCER

Hello All,
Life is an everchanging cycle of events! I am in full remission from my uterine cancer for three years now! I have two more to go and I am considered "cured". I am overwhelmed at God's goodness and graciousness!

Since my last entry life has dramitically change for Jim and me. We moved with the Army to Rancho Cucamonga, California in February of 2010. And in May of 2010 we had our second child - James Isaac Orbock. His adoption was finalized in May of 2011. We call James - Jack. We came up with that due to the first two letters of James and the last two letters of Orbock. It just fits him.

I had no idea how life could open up such a blessing in such a short amount of time. Danielle prayed for a little brother and God answered! It is hard to believe we are a family of four now.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am on the road to healing!

Hello All,

It has been a bit for me to write! I finished my radiation on 30 April. And after that I took some time to heal and rest and travel over the summer. I was exhausted from the radiation. June through the end of August I visited with friend's here, there and was an amazing summer full of fun, family and friends! The best I've had in a long time....

I have hair and eye lashes now. In fact I have had my first hair cut....I love being able to put on makeup and do my hair. The photo is from this summer at my parents place in Michigan. A very dear friend took the photo and captured our joy....Amazing Heidi!

I just saw Dr. Stany up at Walter Reed last week for my second post-cancer evaluation and he said I look great, healing well and I am in remission! I am so thrilled down to my toes! I feel great!

I was recruited last November by Col. Maxwell for a half marathon put on by/supported by Walter Reed. So I have been training to run. It has been a long time since I have done any exercise and I am even lifting weights to strengthen and tone up my body! Jim and I will be running the 5K race with Dani in the stroller. I cannot wait to run in celebration near our National Capital Mall...I am pumped! If you would like to come and run with us it is on November 8th at 7am til 11am in Washington DC. Here is the website to check it out only 54 days left until the race.... I have been using the Podcast from I-Tunes called Podrunner:Intervels - great music and gets you moving!

More news for us is we will be moving to Upland, California on January 15th, 2010. Jim was picked up for a new job out there so we are leaving DC on a new adventure. I will keep you updated on our plans...

Speaking of news I just want to express to the world how incredible my cancer journey has been! There have been good and bad days during this season! And God has redeemed my illness with complete care, love, provision in amazing ways. It has affected my entire life and those family and friends around me. I could not have walked through this without you friend!!! Cancer is a thief. Choosing an attitude joy proved nothing can be stolen from me! I am grateful for this life I live!

Drop me a note via email or Facebook if you get the chance....I need to make sure I have my address book updated and revised.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I got to RING the BELL!!

Hello All,

It has been a bit because the external radiation took every bit of energy I had. It was a long six weeks!!! I have been done since April 15th and resting comfortably. I am feeling great and doing well. The Video is documentation that my 28 Radiation Treatments is over! It got to ring that glorious bell - oh what fun it was!

Today my Mom and Dani are driving me up to Walter Reed so I can begin my Brachy Therapy (internal radiation treatment). This is the last big push for my overall treatment. I will sleep overnight at the hospital and in the morning they will start treatment. It will be 33 hours and 15 minutes exactly. I hope to be home Friday afternoon if everything is perfect!!

I am nervous but who wouldn't be?? I know God is with me and all will be well. I will be in touch soon!
Love to you all - Khris

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Radiation Therapy begins....

Hello All,

Life is good - here Dani and I were together with Jim at Disney on Ice in DC back in February having a ball...what a great day

Tomorrow I start with my radiation therapy at Walter Reed. I am rested up from my last chemo and feel encouraged about the days ahead. I will start with 6 weeks of 5 days a week of external radiation and then end with a three day internal therapy at Walter Reed.

On an interesting note - when Jim, Dani and I went in for our first consult at the hospital we were in the waiting room a man rang a hand bell at the receptionists desk. And I wondered what that meant....we found out it is the tradition of the office that once you are finished and on your last day of treatment you get to ring that bell signifying you are DONE. Oh how I want to ring that BELL! And by God's grace I will....

To help with my "busy" schedule our MOM's are coming in be with Dani when I am up at the hospital....oh how grateful we are for them!!!

Love you all - need to go give my daughter a bath...khris

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have finished chemo as of Feb 4th!

Hello all - I apologize for not blogging for a bit! I finished my last chemo session on Feb. 4th and it went well!!!!!. I am thrilled and relived!!! I have been recovering nicely. My hair has even started growing back!! It is just peach fuzz but I will take it! I have been enjoying new energy levels as I have been recovering. I have been baking with my daughter, making new recipes, going out with my sweet Bible study gals to new places, and just spending time with my family. This break between chemo and radiation has been such a respite for me...

It looks like I will start with my radiation therapy on March 9th. The external part is 6 weeks of five days a week (30 sessions of radiation) and then the internal is up to three days in the hospital. It is so cool how this process works. It is a certain wave of energy that damages the cancer cells so that they cannot heal themsleves; the cancer-free cells can repair themselves. I received tattoo's on my abdomen for positioning in the machine so they are able to give me treatment in the exact same place each time - essential! Jim is calling my treatments tanning sessions! heehee....The docs say the radiation process is a bit easier than chemotherapy - we'll see.

I greatly appreicate all of your notes of encouragement, wishes and prayers for us. Your gift of friendship to me and my family means the world. I love you all and need you! Hugs - Khris

Friday, January 23, 2009

Through my 5th Chemo Head

Hey All,

It has been a few days since my 5th chemo and I am coming up and out of the effects. I am feeling better everyday. I am still here and just trying to keep up with Danigirl and my housekeeping. Please pray for me that I stay on task with "doing the next thing".
A highlight for me this January was a personal tour through the West End of the White House via a close friend a few days before the Ingraution. What a privelege to walk the halls and pray for our nation and our world! Here is my lovely family.

Hugs to all,